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What’s Included

We offer a FREE 3-day one on one seminar at our headquarters in Beautiful San Luis Obispo California for 2 years from purchase.  Many do great without a personal training seminar but we do find that the members who study the books and videos, ask tons of questions by email and phone, then attend a seminar have a much higher rate of success growing over 25 accounts quickly with either Green Concepts or Christmas Concepts.  Many are happy to grow slowly but many others want to build their business quickly to reap the highest rewards from entrepreneurship. Training my buyers is my number one concern and I give my time for free just so “I” know you have the best chance possible of making a successful little business.

“Sometimes in life we just need a little help!  That’s what I am here for! “

Over the past 25 years, we have added new and exciting ways to get your business up and running quicker, with higher profits.  Why reinvent the wheel   We encourage you to ask questions and to visualize how this business will fit into your life.  This is called "due dilligence", and it's your legal right before signing with any Business Opportunity or franchise.

In a recent study, it was discovered that people looking to start their own business had quite a few things in common.  Perhaps some of these same qualities apply to you?  " I want my business to be fun, but profitable. flexible hours and to be my own boss.  I want my family and friends to be involved.  I want this to be a time for my personal and financial growth."

We took a long time deciding how to structure the programs we offer you. A "Business Opportunity" creates entrepreneurs, a "Franchise" would have made you one of our employees.  Our goal is to create as many entrepreneurs as possible in our lifetime.  We want YOU to know the joys of financial freedom and  independence.

Our programs include the following products and services:

  • FREE WEBSITE, completely ready to launch.  You can have your website up and running in just a few days!
  • 3 thick binders packed with easy step by step instructions. Our past 25 years in print , as well as member contributions from all over the country.  Together we all learn faster, quicker ways to find clients easily!
  • Bid forms, contracts, invoices,  coupon book  (everything you will need to get started)
  • References make you look established from day one! Your new clients will be very impressed with you.
  • Leather Portfolio with 50 glossy photos to impress your new clients with.
  • Hours of DVD training from our best seminars (35 years of experience from us as well as our 800+ member.  ( The videos have been edited from vhs to dvd, to cd format. They are a copulation of many different seminars over the years, not perfect quality but a wealth of information from our various seminars.) Members rave about the fun interactive training even thought they are not perfect quality, we hope you will understand and appreciate good training is good training!  )
  • Click and Drag software to visually build your proposals
  • DVD design secrets using the Click & Drag software in this powerful 2 hour Video training session.
  • Hand embroidered Caps & Aprons "The Christmas Man" and the "Christmas Lady". This creates an instant visual "brand" message
  • Trademarked logo for stationary, invoicing, business cards & advertising.
  • Wholesalers to work with as well as local sources.  Even if you buy your products locally the illustrations give you tons of great ideas to show your own clients.
  • Monthly Newsletter by email, insightful articles that will keep you motivated
  • The Photo Club (member participation area to brag about your projects and learn more about the business
  • E-mail notification of hot leads in your area
  • Unlimited email support forever!
  • One on one phone conferences from Pamela and Customer Service

We are always looking for ways to improve our programs, and to offer you as much as possible.  OUR 800+ members before you, helped show us the way as well.  Their recommendations and requests, became items you automatically receive now.  This really is a great business!

Questions: pamela@christmasconcepts.com

Pick up the phone right now!              Just call us 805-302-8482       You won't be disapointed!

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