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We are very proud of the success our members have experienced over the past 23 years and hope to see you among them with your very own success story in the future!

Stephanie and Fisher Gamble

Hey you all,

Fisher and I are so excited for our second season to start. I have been looking on line for discounted artificial trees, wreaths and garlands and really got some deals recently. We both have full time jobs but always wanted to have a little business together so this is perfect. We have both been married before and both have kids and they all keep bugging us to get involved.

We can see this business as a family hobby and moneymaker. Thanks you guys, everyone in the office has been great and we are so excited to launch the new free website, I just placed my order so now we are really official.


 The Gamble Gang

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Bill Moad

After my wife passed away I just hated the holidays. All our kids are grown and to be honest I’ve had a real hard time. My son suggested this business for me as a diversion and it sure has worked. My second year we made almost $17,000.00 and my third year we made almost $22,000 for only 10 small projects. Now that I am getting older I think I might give the business to my son and wife and just help them out from time to time.

Now for the best news of all: I’m getting remarried! Yep that’s right. I met a wonderful woman at a networking group I attend and we really hit it off. She is a bookkeeper and almost ready to retire too. You and your staff are all invited to our wedding, so I will keep you posted.

Thanks you guys,

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Sophia Cormack

I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how excited I am to have found you. I’ve been searching for a home-based business for a long time and when I found you it just felt right. First off, you returned all my calls and email quickly. This gave me great security that when I needed you I would be able to count on you. Next the books and videos are very nice; such a complete compilation of information in one organized system has been quite easy to follow.

Finding a real legitimate business is hard to find now days and I just know your organization will help me through each step of finding and securing contracts.


 “The Christmas Lady”

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Alecia McMormick

One day I was searching the Internet for Christmas decorations and found Christmas Concepts. My husband was very supportive when I quit corporate America to pursue my dream career. It was the best move I ever made.

I have 4 years under my belt now and several contracts each year. I have 2 new clients for this season coming up. I have been able to utilize some of the decorations for evening weddings during other times of the year and the profits have been great. I see this as a viable business I can do for years to come.

Seasons Greetings,

Alecia McMormick

Debbie Wine

I have so many ideas already I can’t wait to get decorating again. I love Christmas decorating, and now I get paid for it too. How did I get so lucky?  I had 4 jobs last November and this year I already had 3 more sign up for a second year. I don’t plan to let this last one get away either! We are already talking about a few ideas for next year and they seem to be receptive.

Anyway, for anyone considering Christmas Concepts, they are as nice as they appear. The website tells a lot about them and when you call they actually return calls.

Thanks again,


Roger and Sheila Simon

My wife Sheila and I have always liked Christmas, and we do it up right. My Sheila puts up 4 Christmas trees for our annual neighborhood tour. My father loved Christmas and taught me all about the electrical aspects and between this and our love for the season this business seemed like a good fit. Besides, Christmas decorating professionally seemed like the natural progression from playing Santa Clause at the local mall each year. I have been doing this on my days off for 3 years and I will volunteer forever if they let me.

I have talked to a few of your prospective buyers a few times now. To be honest Pamela, they call too late at night or ask questions I feel are too personal so I would prefer to give you a reference for your website. I hope you understand; you can’t be too careful now days.

Meet you soon,

Roger and Sheila Simon

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Karen and Pete Alexander

Just a quick note: Now that we have added the Christmas division onto our existing Plantscaping company we are able to keep year around employees. Just when the plant jobs slow down the Christmas Rentals fills in this gap. Our plant business is doing great just from our referrals. Commercial landscaping, Christmas Rentals and plant leasing really compliment each other.  Have the office staff and Pamela on standby gives us extra confidence too.

Thanks you guys,

Karen and Pete Alexander

Chuck and Elsie Smith

Hello everyone, Chuck and Elsie here.

When we spoke the other day Elsie and I were delighted to hear you wanted a testimonial about our little Christmas business for your website. What a grand adventure it has been. We joined Christmas Concepts before they were famous, almost 18 years ago. We were both school teachers and getting close to retirement age. We both had always loved Christmas and had elaborate decorations for our home each holiday. My personal specialty was the outside with my electrical know-how and my wife always did the inside up right. Most of our children and grandchildren are grown, and we had been discussing how we would supplement our income once we reached retirement age. We had always planned to travel the United States for a few years after retirement while we still had our health and for me I just hoped I had my teeth and some hair left.

We stumbled onto Christmas Concepts quite by accident. We soon found ourselves traveling to San Diego to be part of their first seminar. We were delighted to learn we could work a few weeks in November and make as much as it would have taken both of us the entire year at part time jobs. We were hooked.

Over the years we had and still only have 6 simple Christmas projects each year. We do 6 retirement homes that many of our friends now reside in. After the first couple of years we began venturing out during the spring and summer traveling in our motor home and enjoying the many glorious sights America offers. We travel back to Pompano in early November just in time to visit with friends and family, drag all our decorations out of storage from our friends many garages, and decorate our Christmas projects.

We are too old now to do any decorating so we hire our grandson to do the work, and the profits from these small jobs along with our retirement and social security have allowed us the unique opportunity of travel almost 11 months a year. We have even traveled to see Pamela in her new home in San Luis Obispo 3 times over the years.

Our customers enjoy our work, they pay us the same amount each year, my wife plays the piano for her friends while our grandson decorates, and I brag about our adventures and have slide shows at night. Our dog “Ruff” travels from room to room visiting his old friends and well, life is good. After the holidays we drag all the decorations back to our friends garages, and off we go again. All in all it’s been great, we travel in our motor home 50 weeks a year, and only work 2 weeks a year. Who could ask for anything more perfect?

We still have our health which I personally think is due to our travels and adventurous spirit and I recommend not only the “Snow Bird” lifestyle, taking a long walk each day, not taking yourself too seriously, getting plenty of rest, and Christmas Concepts, their top quality franchises have made our retirement years a dream come true.

Very Gratefully and Happily Yours

Chuck and Elsie Smith “The Snowbirds from Pompano”

From the Great States of America

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Thomas Spencer

Now that I have served my country I know I wanted to be my own boss. I had a lawn mowing business since I was 10 years old so hard work was nothing new to me. My family encouraged me to check out the Internet for more ideas and that’s when I found The Plant and Christmas Franchise.

So far I have 7 Interior Plant accounts in less than a year, and many more I am working on. The economy is slow now so when things pick back up I know I will do even better. Customers still need plants to fill up their offices and I am just the man to provide them.Last year was my first Christmas season, so I focused on outdoor shopping centers only. I did really well and my customers were happy with my work. I had 4 jobs and everyone has already signed up for next year. It’s a great feeling knowing I have contracts already in place for next season and that I can support myself.

Thanks to everyone at Green and Christmas Concepts!


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Paula Caldwell

Pamela, I wanted to keep you posted on my Christmas jobs so far. Last year I only did 2 jobs but one was for $5000.00 and one was for $4300.00. Each one wanted a nice big tree, fully decorated and several wreaths on each floor. They also had me decorate their cafeteria in all 3 locations. I kept it simple and matched all the décor so it was easy and classy. I used several of the wholesalers you recommend and I must say, the service they gave me was excellent.

The $4300.00 job was a huge 22′ real tree in the middle of an outdoor shopping mall. They had their maintenance engineers build a huge platform to place the tree on, and they painted it red. I visited 2 wholesale tree brokers and found the most beautiful 22′-23′ Christmas tree. It was full all the way around and everyone complimented it. I used the large plastic balls, and your teddy bear tree design from the portfolio and it was a big hit. They had a food drive and people dropped off cans and presents and placed them around the tree. They even had a few Friday night caroling events where schools children came in and sang Christmas songs. It made me feel so good to be a part of something this special. I also want you to know how much I love driving the boom lift. We used a 25’er and it was easy to move around the tree while we decorated. I will never use a ladder again if I can use a boom lift. As a woman I never thought I would ever be in one of those boom lift things in my life. A Southern woman just doesn’t do that sort of thing. Now I see booms all over town on construction jobs and I wonder if that was the one I used to decorate my tree. I can’t wait for next year.

Thanks to the staff too for all your help,

Paula Caldwell from the great state of Vermont

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