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We are very proud of the success our members have experienced over the past 23 years and hope to see you among them with your very own success story in the future!

Marlene and Katie Fletcher

I have a great job with tenure so quitting is not an option. I was looking for a little something extra to do. My mother and I started this business together. We have always love Christmas decorating. Now that she is older I do the Christmas business with my youngest daughter and it has brought us much closer. I’m amazed at how easy it is to get Christmas contracts. All our work is now by referrals!


Marlene and Katie Fletcher

Kyle Smith

I attended a seminar in the summer of 2005 and had an absolute ball. Now I hear I am on the DVD videos so you will see me decorating my first wreath. I’m not as creative as some of the other members, but I find the ‘tree recipes’ in the books make me look like I know what I am doing. Following their step-by-step plan has made this business a lot easier than I though.


Debbie Molyner

After a difficult divorce I needed something to sink my teeth into. The Christmas business has been a perfect match for me. I work my full time job during the day, then take care of my Christmas Rentals during November. I’m making more money than I have ever made before, and I have also lost 30 pounds and I feel great.

Life has new possibilities again.

Debbie Molyner
Houston, Texas

Lynn Nixon

Even though working for a major corporation is a huge achievement, being self-employed has always been a personal goal as well! I promised myself I would achieve both these dreams before I turned 40 years old. This year I will be 40 and I have achieved both of my goals. My Christmas Rental Business is doing very nicely and I already have a few Christmas contracts on the books for this year.

Lynnania Nixon

Alexia Storer

I have always wanted to have my own business but never thought a company in the States would teach me what I needed to learn. I looked for a few years here in England and no one offered this type of business program. I majored in Horticulture in college but after graduating found there were very few jobs in my field. Rather than throw my knowledge away I decided to find something that I had a passion for, my Christmas and Plant business is definitely a passion. My family has always loved Christmas and each year it was the highlight of the season to help my parents decorate all over the house.

I can’t wait to wake up in the morning to see what will happen next. I am finding accounts quite easy to secure.  I’m up to $36,000 per season and growing each season!  I love how my life is unfolding!


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Jameson Hansen

After the Navy I moved down here to Branson to be near my grandparents. I enjoy the people, and easy-going life style. I do the Christmas Decorations for many of the local resorts and hotels and I find them open to my ideas. The portfolio is so impressive they just point to the Christmas trees they like and I installation it. My wife and I just bought our first home and I see myself living here and being the “Christmas Man” forever.

I just got my first client asking about plants so I guess I will be a Green Concepts member soon too.

Jamie and Janet
Branson, Missouri

Jarret Turner

I began my journey with Christmas Concepts back in 2008 when I was visiting a friend that has joined and she was really having great success with her business. Before our visit was over we had called and talked to Pamela directly. She was easy to get along with and we enjoyed her sense of humor.

My wife and I are both firefighters and wanted a family but also be able to take the much-needed time off to raise our children and be there to enjoy them while they grew up. The Christmas Rental business has allowed us all that and more.

Thanks so much,


P.S. As of February 2010: Hey Pam, we made $32,000 NET profit this season when the dust all settled and our Christmas decorations were all taken down. We are more than overjoyed! I love the new free website too, it was easier to show clients how their locations would look and they seemed more excited about the process. Thanks again we love you guys!

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Chris and Jenna Hubert

My wife home schools our children and I have a full time job, so we were worried but hopeful when we joined. I want to thank you guys.  We are very happy with our investment in Christmas Concepts.

I have 4 accounts and after expenses and gas we cleared $9,110.00. Not bad for a few scattered weeks of work! We did 2 installations early in the morning and 2 in the middle of the night. By searching our local newspapers, we got great deals on decorations too. Returning unused items made our profits higher, so we bought locally as much as possible.

All 4 contracts have signed up already for next year, and we have decided to take on one more jobs a year until the kids are older. This is a long-term plan we can live with.


 Chris and Jenna Hubert, Indiana 

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Chris and Jeannie Rieger

I wanted to tell you all how our Christmas business has been going along. My mother passed away so we did not get started at all in 2004. Life has a way of postponing even the best of intentions. In 2005 my wife and I really gave it a good go. We did 6 Christmas projects, 4 outside strip malls, 1 hotel and 1 office for our insurance agent.

The insurance company had a simple 8′ tree with matching wreath and garlands and a few sets of lights on the outside that we set on a time to match the inside tree. We used simple red and gold balls and stars and bows. Everyone raved about how nice everything looked. The one hotel we did was a Marriott and they were much more demanding but paid us so much more it was worth it. We actually did the same decorations for the hotel as we did for the insurance company, just with a few more of everything and the theme went well. Both the hotel and insurance company signed on for a second year so we feel pretty confident going in the 2006 season.

I have found that I personally like the strip malls the best where my wife likes the indoor decorating the best. I like the freedom of choosing how I dress, when I work and being able to fit each project around my full time job has been a great help. We did one complete strip mall at night, one early in the morning, and the other 2 sort of a mixture of each. We used pr-made decorations from your impressive wholesale list and the work was so easy my stepson did most of it without any direct supervision.

While my wife will probably do a few more hotels and such, I personally will do about 3 to 4 more exterior jobs this next season. They were easy to work with and again the freedom as to the installation work makes Christmas Concepts business a real winner in my books.

Very sincerely yours,

Chris and Jeannie

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Emily and George Fisherson

We are so proud of our first season we just can’t wait to be on your website any longer. We made it a goal that if we got 3 jobs this season we would write this together and submit it for you to consider posting in your testimonial section.

We never advertised, or told anyone we were offering this service. I just made a few phone calls like the books told us to do. I was shocked how excited people were to have us come over and show them the portfolio. It really was that simple. Everyone was very open to the idea and I was delighted but very surprised. South Dakota is pretty conservative but we all love Christmas.  We did our local bank, a retirement home and a car dealership. The bank was pretty simple, and the retirement had a few decorations already so we incorporated their stuff with ours and it all came out great. The car dealership that we thought was going to be just a few decorations on the outdoor poles turned into a large project inside and out. They kept adding more stuff and by the time it was all over we charging them $5500.00 and next year they want ever more décor.

For a stay at home mom this has been a real blessing.


Emily and George Fisherson

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