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We are very proud of the success our members have experienced over the past 23 years and hope to see you among them with your very own success story in the future!

Reenie Hale

This is my second reference for your website, I hope you decide to print it. I’m so proud of myself I could just pinch myself. We have really done well this season. We got written up in the newspaper. I am enclosing the article for you and the gang in the office to check me out. We have received several calls already from the write up and I just know we are going to get tons of work from all the publicity.

Christmas decorating takes planning but I find if I go to yard sales and thrift stores in the summer I get most of my artificial trees so cheap I can break them down and use the branches for most anything. The hospital keeps adding plants and this year they are asked about Christmas. I think they may have seen the article in the paper. They better hurry; I might be too busy for them.

Love you all,


Update from Reenie: 2/4/08 I now have 6 Christmas clients and make over $12,000.00 each and every year that I can count on, and a few more scheduled for this next season. My only Plant contract is the hospital but we are up several hundred dollars per month, and the replacements are usually only $25/mo, so I am making a huge profit and I love doing it.

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Mike Buckles

Well, it’s finally over!!! The decorations are down, boxed and stored. Things went very smoothly this season. We doubled our Christmas business this year compared to 2000! We were also more profitable, better organized, more confident, and even a little less grumpy from overwork. All of this can be attributed to what we learned from you and your staff at the seminar! We found al the information you shared to be most helpful. The wholesale sources were exceptional. We got all of our trees, wall sprays and wreaths from Holiday Foliage. They were incredibly responsive and delivered a great product. All the other wholesalers we used were super to work with as well. The wholesalers all knew who we were just by using your name, and we really felt we got extra special attention because of it.

Phil and I are taking our wives on a little vacation next week to New Orleans. This is our reward for making it through the season. Next year will be even bigger. We are already planning for some new marketing ideas and setting our goals for the 2002 season.

We hope your season was successful as well. Please accept our best wishes to you and your staff for a happy and prosperous 2000! Thank you for giving us the tools we needed to make this the best Christmas season we’ve ever had. Green Concepts is one of the best franchise business opportunities we could have invested in.

Best wishes,

Mike Buckles

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Jose and Simone Sianone

I know we have only been members for a year, but I really want to give you this written reference. I respect you and I want others to know about you…

I called Pam several years ago about the business, but never got around to following through. Then last year I was laid off and decided to give the Christmas business a try. I had checked out more than 10 business plans, like vending machines, paving driveways, even a blow up fun house for birthdays, but I kept coming back to this one. I genuinely believe Pam wants me to succeed. She’s real and you can feel it.

Pam has a spiritual side and talks about it freely. It has made me more grounded just knowing her. I always feel good after one of our little talks. Get to know her, you won’t be sorry!


Jose and Simone Sianone

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Brent and Brenda Tell

My wife dared me to start a Christmas business. I had been talking about it for years. When I found Christmas Concepts I signed up the very same day. We didn’t even need to look into small business loans since their franchise was so affordable. We only had 4 Christmas jobs last year, but our NET Profit was over $10,000. I went after the biggest accounts in town, the city, a mall and 2 hotels. They all said yes. I was shocked. I made a lot of mistakes and I am not sure one hotel will want me back next year. So far the other 3 have signed back up. We will be just fine either way.

Seasons Greetings,

 B & B

Guarrina Nattera

My small business has afforded me the luxury of caring for my elderly parents and grandmother at home. I have many friends who work for big companies and they have very little after their long day is over. I get to keep all the profits for my family. American hotels are very happy to have my decorations. Christmas is very popular in my country so I think I will do nicely for a long time.

Thank you so much,

Guarrina Nattera

John and Brittany Clifford

When I first began with Christmas I definitely didn’t charge enough. I was afraid customers would say no and I wanted this business to work so bad I sort of gave it away. After a few years I realized I could charge more and they never flinched. Then it became a real business. My wife and I always dreamed of having a business where we could work together. Now we do. She handles the phones, ordering products and the paperwork; I do the decorating and negotiating.

Last year we did several model homes and then the country club and entryway. This has led to several more jobs for this upcoming year and it looks like a very good company to offer other services to after the holidays. This really is a cool business and according to my wife, we now make more in 3 months then I did in my other job working the rest of the year. Plan on working hard and sleeping after the New Year.

 John & Brittany

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Tom and Allison Blowne

Real Estate has its ups and downs. Finding extra income on the side was a challenge since I need to be ready to show homes with a quick notice. I wanted something flexible and since Christmas is the slowest time of year for real estate, this seemed like a good match.

My wife and I love working together. The supplemental income provided from the Christmas business has helped us to have a good life. This is a great little business. If you get a chance, make sure to attend one of the seminars, we went to the one in Las Vegas Nevada several years ago and had a great time. Pamela’s daughters were fun to spend time with too; they are like little mini Pam’s.


 Tom and Allison

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Quinna Porter

My mom, sister, and aunt all work with me during the season. We look forward to working together and making a bundle of money too. My family has always loved Christmas. Now we get paid for it. My husband was not excited about this at first, in fact none of the men in our family were, but we just stood our ground and to be honest they enjoy it just as much as we do now.


Bic Nyugen

I have waited a long time to be on your website. I work hard for 2 months and have the rest of the year off. After graduating I am not sure where I will live but I will for sure be doing my Christmas business. I will have money to start over wherever I move. My brother is thinking of beginning the Plant business and I might join him back in Vietnam. My family is there and it would be nice to have a business with my family. I love that you support small businesses for women too. I will let you know where I go soon, I graduate this coming June.


 Bic Nyugen

Keith Parker

I love the outdoors, so I focus my Christmas Rentals on outdoor work only. Strip malls are everywhere so contracts have been easy to secure. Once they have me decorate the first year, they never let me go. It’s almost a lifetime guaranteed contract. I plan to get 4 or 5 more jobs this year to add to my portfolio. Profits on the same exact jobs are higher and higher every year.

Next to the birth of my son, this business is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ve already started a college fund and I’m only 32!

Thank you, Christmas Concepts!

 Keith Parker

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