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This area is exclusively for our new members!

Everything you need to get started and best of all, your homework is secure here and backed-up on line!

This area contains your "Homework"   Years of past monthly newsletters, announcements for upcoming seminars, webinars, past questions and answers from all over the world, published articles about your new industry and our Exclusive "Photo Club" to share ideas and suggestions in a safe and open way with others in our group. This is a secure way for you to open up and ask the touch questions to others who have been there before you.

Learn secrets about finding clients, bidding jobs, accurate pricing, new trends in plant varieties, how to care for your plants and how to increase each contract for extra monthly income.

Learn first hand what others in your new profession are up to, their ideas, suggestions, published articles, networking groups that work, inspirational stories and much, much more.  Come join us TODAY!

Now lets talk about the "Photo Club" for a moment….

This is a unique opportunity to actually see what other members work actually looks like.  A picture is worth a thousand words!  As you bid jobs, you can look through the Photo Club to see what your piers did, diagnose plant situations instantly, and everything in-between.

Learn first hand from our President how she would design your projects if given the chance. 35+ years of award winning interior design assistance just a click away.  Motivation is key in the small home-based business, and this area is truly exciting!

After Purhase YOU will have access to our Exclusive Members area

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