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What is a "strip mall" and why do they have a budget for Christmas?

For 25 years we offered Christmas Rentals in our own business. Each year we serviced most of our Plant Contracts, then as we branched out into other potential areas for big revenues we found that the local strip mall has a management office that spends money on Christmas.

These centers save their budget all year to do lots of advertising with radio and newspaper, then hang old tattered banners on their light poles. Some have old decor that they used for years. It looks old, dated and faded. Since NO ONE contacts them or offers this unique service we landed close to 100 Christmas accounts quickly, simply by reaching out to these management offices each year.  Once they sign with you they will want you back year after year.  After all, customers get used to pretty decorations and retail shops in that mall will demand our decorations back each year. It’s a guaranteed yearly contract each and every year. That’s residual income and we wanted that guaranteed stream of capital flooding into our company each year.  They want the same or similiar decorations back each year, and by storing carefully, everything is re-usable each year.

This is a very profitable small nitch that we really enjoyed.  Once the client signs this contract, we could decorate in the middle of the night if we wanted to.  It’s quieter, no traffic, and the job gets done quickly and profitably.  Really consider this option!

Tell me about the "Residential" Christmas Rental program that you offer:

For some, starting smaller feels more comfortable than going after large commercial projects.  This is a great program for someone with a full time job that only wants to suppliment their income during the holiday season.

Before making your decision please review the Green Concepts and Christmas Concepts websites carefully. Each area contains valuable information that will help you make a sound decision about your future.

What about Holidays other than Christmas? Would you recommending expanding into weddings and other events.

Christmas is the ONLY holiday that pays off for commercial facilities, and the only holiday they will pay you money to install.  Christmas is the big money maker!  If a company wants a few Easter decorations or July 4th decorations, it’s easy for the secretary to decorate their space.   One exception is Car Dealerships.  Once you know how to do exterior Commercial Christmas you can offer decor to dealerships for big car sales weekends.  They love their light poles and huge building walls decorated to attract sales traffic, but if you focus on your primary Christmas business you will more than likely be too busy for anything else. The other area would be weddings during the Holidays.  Many couples like nighttime Christmas weddings.  They will want to rent prelit Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands.  Just make sure you charge as much as you would for the same work Commercially.  Sometimes it smarter to turn down work that is not within your primary scope, rather than take less for incidental and temporary work.  Remember a wedding is once, but a Commercial Christmas Rental Contract would last for years to come.

note from pamela: I had a friend who never finished projects. He started refinishing a cute little table once, and right in the middle of the project he started something else.  I noticed a pattern. His garage was covered with unfinished projects  I asked him why he kept doing this? He said he got bored easily and liked to stay busy. H never did finish that table!  Stay on point, stay focused, do ONE thing well, and you will make tons of money!

What about insurance?

For the Christmas business it is recommended you acquire a 3-month third party liability policy.  You will only need insurance for the season, begining in November and going thru January when you do the removals.  This is a very simple policy and will run you around $500 per season.

Did you know YOU can provide installations to shopping malls without any experience or even providing the decorations?

Malls purchase a pre-made Christmas package. All the trees and wreaths are fully lit & decorated & stored on- site. These malls also purchase a service package from that provider who will come back each year and install everything at an exorbitant price, because they can. Since no one else offers any competition they make tons of money on this same client each and every year. You can easily take this contract from them! You are even provided with a set of instructions. Shopping Malls will be thrilled to contract these services locally. The profits are huge and you only provide labor, no products to purchase, and all the profits are yours. This might seem intimidating right now, but once you see how easy it is, you can give it a try.  Many of our members only offer Christmas to the city and shopping centers now. The city pays in advance and you have NO product to buy or store.

Did you know you can offer Christmas Rental services to the actual CITY you live in or near?

In years past, the city never had a budget, now they do! The era of city workers standing around watching the other guy work is over. Cities must account for their expenses like any other business now.  Your city will be delighted to consider your contract.  They loved knowing your services are offered for a single price. Once you take care of them they will never go back to doing it themselves!

Can I name my business anything I want?

Sure, we offer you a trademarked branded name & logo “Guaranteed Christmas”. This name has national recognition with an excellent reputation, however you are free to name your business anything you want.

What will my start up costs be after I join?

Plan on around $1000.00 for business license, a 3 month insurance voucher, and a few website incidentals. Upon signing clients will pay you a large portion up front.  The upfront deposit will cover all or most of the decor you will need to service that client. The real BIG profits begin the second year.  You own all the decoratons and the client wants the same exact same decor back each year.  Freshen your garlands, wreaths and trees with a few fresh set of lights, and perhaps a trendy new color, and you are set!

How hard is it to find accounts?

Not hard at all. Look around your area. Is there new growth? Do you see new buildings or new shopping centers being built? What about that new restaurant you just saw the other day?  They will all need Christmas Decorations!

Why do you call buyers "members"? and what is our relationship with Christmas Concepts?

Thats a great question:  When buyers join they are able to access The Photo Club and all other areas of this website and learn from each of our older existing and more experienced members.  All the homework, photo club, all your pdf’s and website materials are located within this website.  You can log in and out whenever you want without any involvement with Green or Christmas Concepts.  The click and drag software is downloaded into your computer and you receive a 2 hour dvd with personal one on one training directly from Pamela.  These are simple design classes giving you options and choices when you meet with your new potential clients. There are NO ROYALTIES or any additional costs to pay to Green Concepts so you can have as much or as little involvement with our offices as you like.  When you need us we are there = When you are growing your business and don’t need us as much, we are less present.  You also receive weekly updates and articles by email that will probably answer most of your questions as you go along.  You can call Pamela when you need her, or email Customer Service in the office for general questions.  We are very accessable and want you to know we are here for you when you need us.

How much profit will I make on each job?

The first year plan on around 30% net profits. The real profits come the second year and thereafter. Clients want the same decorations back so the second years profits are 100% less a little labor.  They loved what you did last year, and want the same decorations back again the following year.

Can I work this business around a job?

You sure can! The peak of our season is the week before & after Thanksgiving.  Jobs can be done early in the morning, late at night, or even weekends. Once a client has signed a contract with you they are happy just to know you are taking care of the whole Christmas thing for them.

Can I see a sample of the CLICK and DRAG software before I join? Is it really as easy as playing solitare on-line?

Is there any competition?

Many tell us they thought of this idea years ago but never followed through. This business is really big money and there is virtually NO competition even after all these years!  Look in the yellow pages, you might find a few trying this creative business, but next year them probably will not be listed any longer.  It sounds easy but like most things in life, being informed and trained is key to making the highest profits right from the beginning.

How will I know what decorations to put where?

We created Decoration RECIPES. There is a mathamatical formula to having a Christmas Tree, wreath or Garland look perfect all the way around.  The books detail step by step instructions using a 3 and 5 decor formula that anyone call follow. The beautiful 50 portfolio will give clients design choices based tried and try formulas. These “RECIPES” match the portfolios, that match the wholesalers you will be given, and the DVD training you will watch.  Everything comes together including the “CLICK and DRAG” software. We recommend you send us your first few bids prior to giving them to the client.  Let us help you make sure the scale and quantity is accurate.  We also want to help you make sure the bid is attractive and easy to follow. Clients need that.  A good looking bid will take you a few hours to prepare.

Once you have build your click and drag schematic, it becomes a page within your contract, and clients LOVE that visual image. Just like when we say to you, “hot spiced pumpkin pie, or fresh out of the oven, moist Oatmeal Cookies,.”  You can almost smell Christmas, and the scent and image are powerful sales tools!

When does Christmas begin and end Commercially?

Sales actually begin in June if you want to build a really big business.  That means you should consider joining in the beginning of the year.Pre-planning is the key to any real successful business.  If you join in July, study your training immediately and be ready to bid jobs in August and September.  The bigger the job, the earlier clients will choose a provider. Commercial Christmas begins physically the day after Halloween and goes thru December 5th.  The majority of Interior Commericial clients will request installations just before or after Thanksgiving.  HIGH END clients will request intallations from December 1 th December 5th, and EXTERIOR commercial (strip malls and shopping centers) are happy to have the decor installed any time after November 1.

How will I store the decorations properly?

Most of your decorations will be artificial trees, wreaths, and garlands.  They will be shrink-wrapped with all the lights and decorations on them after each season. They can be broken down if you have limited space but if you can find a safe place, even the rafters of a garage, the following year =  just fluff, add a few fresh sets of lights and the client has the same decorations back.  You have become THEIR tradition! A spare room, garage, storage closet or shed, even perhaps a family members extra space.  Try to keep your storage costs down the first few years while you build your Christmas Business.  Members have come up with amazing ways to store decorations. As your inventory increases so will your income, giving you new choices for storage.

Has the economy hit th Christmas Rental business?

The one good thing about Christmas is that everyone spends money at Christmas no matter what else is going on with the economy. The holidays are a powerful time of year and companies must do something to provide a festive atmosphere for clients and workers.

Corporations and retailers will be counting on this more now than ever before now, and pull out all the stops for advertising & decorating to bring customers into their stores during the Holidays. Car sales are down during the holidays and outdoor commercial decorations sell more cars! If a hotel does not have beautifully decorations, their high-ticket holiday banquets will book somewhere else. If a retirement home doesn’t do a beautiful Christmas display, families who have traveled hours to visit their loved ones will be disappointed.

How fast can I get big contracts with my Christmas business?

The average member takes about 6 to 8 weeks to read all the books, watch the dvd training, practice with the click and drag software, ask Pamela tons of questions, then begin the bidding process. Once you find a potential client, walk thru their facility initially with them, showing them your beautiful portfolio, and prepare the bid, it takes about 3 to 4 weeks.  Patience is called for.   Once you bid one job, keep going, don’t wait till the first bid decides!  Run, Bid several jobs, and the signed contracts will pour in!!!

Why not just buy some Christmas decorations and have their employees do the decorating?

Professional Christmas decorations actually keep payroll expenses down. Companies are grateful to have one price for the decorations to be installed & removed after the season. Can you visualize giving the secretary money to buy decorations for their tree? It will not be professional and appeal to a Commercial appearance.  Renting Christmas is the only way to go!

Can you explain how the smaller Christmas exterior Residential program works?

So glad you asked!  In our full Christmas Concepts program, we focus on Commercial work only.  That would be hotels, shopping centers, doctors offices, car dealerships, the list goes on and on

In our residential program we focus on renting Christmas decorations and lights to residential homes and exterior strip malls only.  It’s not where the biggest money is, but it’s a quick and easy way to get your feet wet in the Christmas Rental arena.  We include easy to follow instructions on how to land exterior commercial strip malls tool.  All over town you will find local shopping centers; they have a market, drug store and small shops around their centers.  These local shopping centers have a HUGE budget for Christmas!  Since there is NO competition, and since these centers DO have a budget for Christmas, they are very receptive at the last minute to spend GOOD money for their centers.  Definitely look into this option before if its late in the season !

Why would I consider a Christmas business if it's the winter or spring? Should I wait till next summer or fall to consider joining?

If you are looking at franchises or business opportunities at this time, you might be looking for new ways to generate income right now, correct?  The Plant Rental business gears up quickly in the winter and spring, in the summer you are full steam ahead getting plant contracts left and right really quickly. In the fall, the plant business slows down. Clients will want to focus on Christmas and get a plant service in the winter, springtime, and summer.  When Christmas hits, it hits hard= and you want to be prepared.  By planning now for your future, you could make more money next season than in your entire career!  We live in a McDonalds mentality nowdays.  Everybody wants it fast, and hot.  A business is not like that = it takes planning and preparing for success.

By joining prior to the season, you make a real decision to plan your future, instead of rushing to find your next immediate temporary money fix!  A quick fix is not going to help you buy a home, or invent in your childrens college fund.  Real CASH Assets takes planning and looking for ways to generate income IN ADVANCE.

Can I see what my FREE Christmas website will look before I join? Yes you can! This website can be customized for you quickly and easily. It can also be converted into any language around the world!

Can I make good money with this Christmas Rental Business?

YOU wil be suprised with this answer:  Many of our members are making over $100.00.00 per season and only work 3 or 4 months a year.  How much you make will depend on you and your drive for success.

Most families appear to hit a range of $50,000.00 per season, and continue to maintain those same clients each year. They might add an account or two per season but limit their growth.   They like the idea of keeping all the profits in the family, and do not want to hire others outside the family.  We also have many who do not plan to leave their full time jobs because of  insurance or retirement reasons.  By maintaining a full time job it will be hard to go over $50,000.00 per season without a lot of preplanning.

The interesting part about our new economy is that people now live with less, are more careful with their money.  We encourage our members to budget everything, and keep all receipts for tax write off’s.  By organizing your expenses, your profits for each job will be higher, and you will pay less taxes yearly.  We give you detailed training on how to pay as little in taxes as possible while still being completely legal and above board. Keeping all receipts is essential!

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